General Information about the Seminars

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All seminars integrate power point, video clips, small and large group activities, and other learning strategies into the presentations. Seminars are intended not only to be scriptural and informative, but also fun.

Cost: Compass Ministry provides these seminars at no cost. Offerings and travel expenses are accepted but by no means required. Compass Ministry is committed to fulfilling its mission, “Helping Churches Make Disciples,” regardless of any compensation.

Format: Seminars seem to be more productive when they are conducted in a more casual setting; for example, in a fellowship hall with tables and chairs. Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably and are encouraged to come ready to comment and interact.

Bible and Notes: All participants will be given preprinted notes for the seminar. The notes will contain the seminar outline as well as scripture references. Unless otherwise arranged, a variety of Bible translations and paraphrasings may be referred to during the seminar. In all cases, when a passage is used, the translation or paraphrasing will be referenced.

Handling Discouragement

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“Getting Through the Valley” Handling Discouragement


Everyone experiences discouragement from time to time. This seminar examines four key causes of discouragement and provides some strategies for getting through those tough times. This seminar is approximately one hour long.

Handling Criticism

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“Taking the Bite Out”


Criticism…we all experience it. Sometimes it is justified, sometimes not, but it never feels good. Christians (and especially pastors) are some of the least prepared to handle criticism. Why? Two basic reasons. First, Christians are generally people-oriented and sensitive to the needs and concerns of others. Because of this sensitivity, criticism hurts. Secondly, Christians (and especially pastors) are expected to be forgiving; therefore, when someone hurts us through criticism, we are expected to forgive and forget instead of reacting with counter attack and vengeance. This seminar helps Christians respond to criticism by identifying root causes of criticism and formulate a strategy for getting beyond it. This seminar is approximately one hour long.

It’s About Time

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“Managing Your Schedule Before It Manages You”


Nobody ever seems to have enough hours in the day to get everything done. The truth is, however, everyone has exactly the same amount of time. It’s just that some people learn to utilize their time better than others. This seminar examines two aspects of time usage: importance and urgency. Participants will be taught a strategy to organize and prioritize the activities of everyday life, focusing on relationships as the most important element of time management. Participants will receive a sample weekly planner that will assist them in making time for the truly important things in life, like their relationship with Jesus Christ! This seminar is approximately 1½ hours in length.